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Physiotherapy is an essential component in GNPH’s drugless regimen, as it is capable of treating specific diseases, injuries, or incapacities by using physical methods.. In fact its usefulness to promote mobility and bodily functions of patients or pain emanating out of other reasons is widely recognized in the medical world.

 At GNPH, upon examination and diagnosis, our expert physiotherapists intervene to treat specific complaints of the patients towards relief – the aim being always to restore optimal mobility of the suffering patients so as to improve the quality of their life. Physiotherapy is universally accepted as a primary care treatment in most of the pain related conditions. In more complicated cases, it is used alongside, or in conjunction with other treatments, and at GNPH, with other drugless therapies such as naturopathy and acupuncture. 

Our physiotherapists, apart from clinical practice, help patients understand the causes which had led them to such condition, and through consultation and demonstration, guide them as to how to maintain the relief achieved at GNPH, so that patients can retain the benefits gained here even after leaving GNPHH. Physiotherapy is practiced on a global scale. It is safe and helpful for even children and people of advanced age with disabilities.