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Yoga over the period has emerged to be art and science of life. Maharishi Patanjali is considered Father of Yoga.  Practice of Yoga brings harmony with Mother Nature and thus helps in disease prevention, promotion of health and management of many lifestyle –related disorders especially psychosomatic and stress disorders. Literal meaning of the word Yoga is “Yuj” i.e. to unite. It unites individual consciousness with universal consciousness. There are eight steps of yoga called “Ashtanga Yoga”. The steps are: Yama (restraints), Niyama (observances), Asana (Physical postures), Pranayama (Control of  breathing), Pratyahara (withdrawal from the worldly objects), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (Meditation) and Samadhi (integration of mind and  body).

Yoga can play a vital role in your life. GNPH brings tradition, expertise and knowledge in the right proportions to use yoga as a therapeutically tool into its treatment method. GNPH provides the following procedures of yoga: Yogic Kriya – At GNPH, Yogic Kriya such as Neti (rubber neti and jal neti, ghrita neti i.e., ghee drops in nostrils) and dhauti,(vastra dhauti and vaman dhauti) are practiced for internal cleaning and purification of the body. Their main effect is on the respiratory and digestive systems.

 They: • Create balance in the tridosha – Vata (wind), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (mucus) – to increase vital capacity, purify the body and promote health by protecting it from diseases. • Neti cleanses mucus from the nasal passage, thereby allowing air to flow freely without obstruction having relaxing and soothing effect on the nerves. • Dhauti and Laghu Shankha Prakshalana (colon cleanse) cleanses the entire digestive tract as also respiratory tract and removes mucus, bile and toxins to restore the natural balance of the body. 

Yogasana – Yogasana are postures to create strength, awareness and stability in both the body and the mind. We also conduct disease- specific asana. By consciously forming the body in a certain posture, one aligns the inner system with the outer, which: • Stimulates and maintains smooth functioning of the internal organs and glands of the body. • Stretches, strengthens and improves the flexibility of all the major muscle groups, lubricates joints and massages the internal organs. • Improves blood circulation and rejuvenates body cells. • Boosts the body’s metabolism, lymphatic circulation and hormonal secretion. • Strengthens the immune function. • Creates stability, proper spinal alignment and good posture. • Relaxes the nervous system. • Helps in even distribution of energy, which in turn helps the mind to develop calmness and peace. Pranayama – Pranayama is a set of breathing practices that purify and heal our body. It is the science of conscious control of prana or the vital force of the body. It regulates breath to control the life current or inner vital force.

 GNPH will help you learn Pranayama in the correct way so that you will develop the correct habit of breathing. It: • Purifies the nadis, the pranic channel allows free flow of prana. • Regulates the nervous system by shifting the autonomic nervous system from a fight or flight state to the calming parasympathetic state. • Improves ventilatory functions of the lungs. • Improves resistance to infection. • Maintains better homeostasis that prevents the body from degeneration and dysfunctions. • Strengthens the heart and lungs, and regulate blood pressure. • Controls the mind and brings mental clarity which will help you develop inner peace and balance. Relaxation – JNI helps you practice and learn “Yoganidra”, a deep relaxation technique, a helpful tool for coping up with day to day stress. Meditation-