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GNP HOSPITAL (योग तथा प्राकृतिक चिकित्सालय)

GNP Hospital (GNPH) is a government approved yoga and nature cure hospital under Health & population ministry having Regd. No. 175354/074/075. We are leading Naturopathy and Yoga hospital providing evidence based modern Drugless Therapeutic Health Care System. We are specialized for nature way treating Lifestyle disorders & non- communicable diseases through body detoxification and life style medicine and modification with Integrative treatment approach. It pioneered modern non invasive integrative healthcare system in Nepal. We promote benefits of a drugless and natural healing and provide these treatments to all strata of the society so that their dependency on conventional drug minimizes and the society at large is able to lead a healthier life naturally under the Supervision of Dr. Dinesh Rai( MD,GNPH) and his medical team. We focus on different modalities in healthcare system mainly Preventive, Promotive, Curative and Rejuvenative Medicinal approach. We encourage the education of the patient about their health and disease. We emphasize people and patient to follow a natural way of life, and to help them activate their innate ability to fight diseases without chemical. We mainly focuses in Nature Cure system; which is a system of man living in harmony with constructive principles of Nature on the physical, mental and moral planes of human beings. In Naturopathy, it is believed that body is constitution of Panchamahabootas – akash (space), vayu (air), prithvi (earth), aap (water), teja (sun- heat & light). The balance of these elements is health and its imbalance is ill- health. Naturopathy seeks to encompass all the drugless therapies (with proven & empirical basis) and seeks to present to the human beings as an option of total health care without any chemical or herbal medicines. This is especially relevant in the present times with the rise of life style diseases to almost epidemic proportions and that to despite the advancements in modern science and super specialty care. NATURAL MEDICINE Naturopathy is the most ancient health care mechanism that amalgamates modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. Relying on the healing power of nature, Naturopathy stimulates the human body’s ability to heal itself. It is the science of disease diagnosis, treatment, and cure using natural therapies including dietetics, botanical medicine, homeopathy, fasting, exercise, lifestyle counseling, detoxification, and chelation, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulation, spiritual healing, environmental assessment, health promotion, and disease prevention. Historical root of Naturopathy The technique of Naturopathy was brought to the United States in the 1800s from Germany. The term Naturopathy was tossed by John Scheel in 1895 and was popularized by Benedict Lust. Known as the father of modern-day Naturopathy, he also got appreciated for disseminating the knowledge of Naturopathy in the US in 1992. The Naturopathy movement was initiated in Germany and other western countries with water cure therapy which is also called Hydrotherapy. Vincent Priessnitz was the one who made Water Cure famous in the world and later on, some more personalities made their contribution to this work. Louis Kuhne deserves a special mention in this regard as he coined the principle of the Unity of Diseases and Treatment and also gave a theoretical base to this method. We are located at has been helping the world for the all-round development of health. Naturopathy and its advantages By educating you about the root cause of your health issues, Naturopathy always aims to make you aware of healthy changes in order to get well. From advising on dietary and lifestyle changes to guiding you towards achieving emotional wellbeing; Naturopathy holds a prominent place in the world of medicine. If we take a broader glance at today’s scenario, Naturopathy is widely known for its advantages and hugely applauded for its various modes of therapies. It has been accepted as an independent system of medicine and presently, there are 12-degree colleges that are imparting a five and half year’s degree course of Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS) and 3 years MD courses. Salient Features of Naturopathy Naturopathy is the holistic approach to human wellness and a way to educate about healthy living. The underlying features of Naturopathy are important for a healthy diet, clean water, exercise, fasting, sunlight, and stress management. Below are some salient features of Naturopathy: Apart from traumatic and environmental conditions, all the diseases including their causes and treatment are one. The basic cause of the disease is the accumulation of morbid matter in the body and the treatment of all the diseases is the elimination of morbid matter from the body. Naturopathy believes that the primary cause of any disease is the accumulation of morbid matter in the body, and the bacteria are the secondary cause. Bacteria and viruses get into the human body only when the body accumulates morbid matter. It is to be believed under the Naturopathy system of healing, acute diseases are self-healing efforts of the body. Chronic diseases are the result of incorrect treatment and the suppression of the acute disease. Naturopathy relies on the fact that nature is the greatest healer. The human body possesses the power to protect itself from diseases and retrieve it. In the process of cure, the entire human body is targeted to heal the disease. Naturopathy successfully heals chronic ailments and is also effective in treating them in a comparatively lesser time. In Naturopathy treatment, the suppressed diseases are brought to the surface and are eliminated permanently. Naturopathy successfully treats all aspects of the human body like mental, physical, social, and spiritual. Naturopathy is a boon to the human body and treats the body as a whole. In Naturopathy, it is to be believed that ‘’food is the only medicine’’ and ‘’no external medications are used.’’ Naturopathy believes that performing a prayer based on one’s spiritual faith is an important part of treatment. YOGIC SCIENCES Yoga over the period has emerged to be art and science of life. Maharishi Patanjali is considered Father of Yoga. Practice of Yoga brings harmony with Mother Nature and thus helps in disease prevention, promotion of health and management of many lifestyle –related disorders especially psychosomatic and stress disorders. Literal meaning of the word Yoga is “Yuj” i.e. to unite. It unites individual consciousness with universal consciousness. There are eight steps of yoga called “Ashtanga Yoga”. The steps are: Yama (restraints), Niyama (observances), Asana (Physical postures), Pranayama (Control of breathing), Pratyahara (withdrawal from the worldly objects), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (Meditation) and Samadhi (integration of mind and body). Yoga is synonymous with healthy way of natural living through Yogic Asanas, Pranayama and other procedures providing healthy living and permanent remedy to various ailments very well interwoven with other systems of healings. Yoga philosophy is based on Panchakosha theory, -annamaya kosha pranamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vijnanamaya kosha and ananda mayakosha. This reflects the importance of each sheaths of our existence. Some Important Treatments of Naturopathy Mud pack, Mud Applications Mud Bath, Underground Mud Bath, Mud Pool Bath Hip Bath Spinal Bath, Spinal Spray Bath Immersion Bath, Friction Bath Foot Bath, Arm Bath Steam Bath, Sauna Bath Sun Bath, Colour Sun Bath (Chromo Bath), Green Leaves Sun Bath Hot & Cold Fomentation Wet Sheet Pack, Chest Pack, Abdomen Pack, Trunk Pack Knee Pack, Neck Pack, Wet Girdle Pack Enema-Warm Water, Butter Milk, Tender Coconut Water etc. Circular Jet Bath Colon Irrigation Deluxe Hydro Massage, Jacuzi Hot and Cold Water Douches, Effusions Whirlpool Bath Under Water Exercises Magnet Therapy Colour Therapy Acupuncture Acupressure Reflexology Physiotherapy Treatments – Exercise Therapy, Electro Therapy



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