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GNP HOSPITAL (योग तथा प्राकृतिक चिकित्सालय)

GNP Hospital (GNPH) is a government approved yoga and nature cure hospital under Health & population ministry having Regd. No. 175354/074/075. We are leading Naturopathy and Yoga hospital providing evidence based modern Drugless Therapeutic Health Care System. We are specialized for nature way treating Lifestyle disorders & non- communicable diseases through body detoxification and life style medicine and modification with Integrative treatment approach. It pioneered modern non invasive integrative healthcare system in Nepal. We promote benefits of a drugless and natural healing and provide these treatments to all strata of the society so that their dependency on conventional drug minimize...

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Nurturing Nature's Healing Touch




Yoga over the period has emerged to be art and science of l...

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Physiotherapy is an essential component in GNPH’s drugless regimen, as it is capable of treating...

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Naturopathy is the most ancient health care mechanism that amalgamates modern s...

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